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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your favorite place to come home to your family and we want to help you protect it.  Insurance is there to protect your home, your family and your future and we want to make sure you have the best policy to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Coverage will:

  • Rebuild or repair your home after a fire or major storm

  • Replace your belongings if destroyed or stolen

  • Pay for injuries and damages that occur on your property

  • cover your housing expenses if you can't live in your home

Or expert insurance Advisors are here to help and find the best coverage and affordable rates.  We will ensure to identify all the ways to save you money, including:

  • Bundling your coverages, multi-policy discount

  • Safety equipment; fire, burglary alarm, sprinkler system

  • Loyalty discounts


Liability Coverage

Did you know? 

Falls on icy walkways and dog bites are small things that can turn into bigger problems and even lawsuits.  Your Agent can help make sure your family is protected properly.

Personal Property

Did you know?

The average cost of a fire claim is nearly $40,000.  Your Agent can help you with your coverage & identify high-value items that need extra protection on your policy.

Structure Coverage

Did you know?

If your home was destroyed, you'd want enough insurance to rebuild-at current construction costs.  Your Agent can help make sure you have the coverage you need and want.

Replacement Cost

It is nice to know that when something goes wrong, your coverage will go the distance.  Erie, for example, has "Guaranteed Replacement Cost", whereas some companies will still require some "out-of-pocket" costs.

Renters Insurance


Why do you need renters insurance?

Your landlord's policy covers the building but likely does not cover your personal belongings.  With a renter's insurance policy, your belongings are protected after a covered loss.  The policy can also include:

  • Living expenses when after a covered loss, you may need somewhere to stay while your building is being repaired.

  • Liability protection which is coverage for damage to the property of others, or for other people who are injured or harmed accidentally while visiting your home.

  • Protection away from home; your policy covers your liability and personal property everywhere you go.

If you rent, contact one of our expert insurance Advisors to discuss the best renters insurance policy available.

Condo Insurance

Insurance coverage for a condominium is similar to a home insurance policy, but with a few extras to help protect the unique features of your residence.

If you own a condo, you need insurance coverage that helps protect your place and your belongings, this is typically everything "within the walls" of your unit.  The "common" areas of the building that you share with your neighbors such as parking areas, lobbies, stairways or elevators are generally covered by the condo associations insurance policy. 

What does Condo Insurance Cover?  The coverage can help you deal with financial losses if your condo or personal belongings are damaged or destroyed by weather events or disasters like a fire.  Your insurance could help cover:

  • Replacing your property; such as TVs, appliances and even clothing

  • The cost of temporary repairs that you make to your home to help protect it from additional damage

  • The cost to replace keys and locks after a theft

  • Reasonable emergency first aid expenses for people or pets

  • Debris removal costs

Call us and let one of expert insurance Advisors help you determine the coverage you need.


Mobile Home Insurance

Trailer Set Up

Mobile home insurance offers you coverage for the structure and the things you keep in it.  If there was a fire, a burglary, a natural disaster or another covered loss, a mobile home policy may help cover:

  • Costs of temporary repairs to keep further damage from occurring. This includes things such as boarding up windows, or a tarp to cover a hole in the roof after a storm.

  • The cost to replace keys and locks after a theft.

  • Additional living expenses, which may include the cost of living somewhere else while your home is repaired.

  • Debris removal costs.

  • Medical payments for someone hurt in an accident while visiting your home

Contact us and one of our Agents can discuss which coverage options are best for you.

Personal Valuables Insurance

This coverage is for your most valuable personal items.  While it is hard to put a price on sentimental value, insuring your prized possessions will keep them financially protected if they're lost, stolen or damaged.  Most home or renters insurance policies provide some coverage, but they may not cover the full value of your more expensive belongings.  You may need to buy additional coverage. 

No matter what you treasure; a diamond ring, a rare sports memorabilia collection, vintage treasures or a coin collection, we can discuss how to help protect it all.

It could be one single item, a large number of items or an entire collection to insure, we can provide you options for coverage. Contact one of our expert insurance Advisors to go over a personal valuable policy that will make sure your expensive belongings are part of your overall insurance coverage and financial protection.

diamond ring

Flood Insurance


Why do you need flood insurance?


Floods can happen anywhere it rains.  Floods can occur anywhere and anytime, even in places where you would think it could never happen. Damage from a flood can be extensive and costly to repair.


Many people think that flood damage is covered by their home or business insurance policies-it's not, and that could be a costly assumption.


Flood insurance is available for homes, apartments, manufactured homes, condos and businesses.  

What does flood insurance cover?

  • It helps cover damage to your building or personal property

  • A home and its foundation

  • Electrical and plumbing systems

  • Air conditioning equipment, furnaces and heaters

  • Appliances

  • Personal possessions, such as clothing, furniture and electronic equipment

  • Debris removal costs

If you rent, you can get coverage just for your personal belongings.

Erie Insurance offers flood coverage through a partnership with American Bankers Insurance Company.  With help from one of our expert insurance Advisors, we can help you get covered. Call us today and discuss flood insurance coverage and what is right for you.​

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