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Automobile Insurance

Auto insurance provides protection to both vehicle owners and individuals who are injured or experience property damage at the hands of drivers.

Auto Insurance is comprised of 2 parts.  First, it covers the car itself.  Comprehensive coverage will reimburse losses due to dangers such as theft or vandalism. Collision coverage will pay to repair the car in the event of an accident. This coverage is typically mandated by the bank or the company leasing the vehicle.


The second part is liability coverage. In the case that you injure someone in an accident, it covers your financial responsibility.


There are a number of ways to reduce the cost of your auto insurance premiums while still providing the best coverage for your vehicle. Potential discounts include:



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Driver Related

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Vehicle Related

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Motorcycle Insurance

Riding on a Highway

Motorcycle coverage gives you protection, including coverage for damage to your accessories, gear and safety riding apparel. Our motorcycle insurance rates offer the lowest possible cost for the safest drivers on the road. Insuring your motorcycle with us means:

  • Your gear and safety riding apparel are covered; helmet, riding boots and even protective eyewear.

  • Your special touches are covered, too including custom paint, chrome, saddlebags and more.

  • Medical payments can help pay your covered injury expenses (ask your agent how to add this to your policy).

  • Optional roadside assistance is available, should your bike ever leave you stranded (it’s worth the small add-on cost).

  • You get a 12-month policy that protects your ride all year long.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Exploring the outdoors from the comfort of your RV or camper whether it’s for a couple of days or a few weeks. RV insurance can help keep your adventures covered.

You can insure motorized RVs or motor coaches for the same coverages as the vehicles on your auto insurance policy.


When your travel trailer or towable camper is on your auto insurance policy, you can be covered for physical damage while it’s parked temporarily at a campsite and for liability damage while it’s attached to your insured vehicle.


By adding your RV or travel trailer to your auto policy, it may be possible to get the convenience of using one insurance company, dealing with one bill and you may even be eligible for discounts.  To make sure you get the coverage you need, ask one of our expert Insurance Advisors.

Starry Night

Boat Insurance


Why do you need boat insurance?  Everyone wants to have a safe experience while on the water but operating a boat has risks that could result in costly injuries and damages. Insurance can help protect you and your boat.  The type of insurance coverage that you need will depend on several factors, including the size, type, age and value of the boat.


You may have boat insurance coverage available through a homeowners insurance policy or you may need to buy a separate policy. A separate boat policy could provide you with additional liability coverage, broader coverage overall and higher limits for watercraft liability. Liability coverage can help pay for damages to someone’s boat, dock or other property.


Speaking with one of our expert agents can help determine which type of policy is best for you. Your agent will discuss the policy details and coverage limits to be sure you have the protection that you need.

What's Included

Physical Damage


Medical Costs for Injuries

Built in Extras

Emergency services, including towing, certain personal effects such as clothing or fishing equipment.


Taking a navigational safety course could save you money on your policy.  Ask you expert Insurance Advisor for details.

What Types?

We offer coverage for sailboats, powerboats, houseboats, inboard or outboard motors & personal watercraft.

Collector & Classic Car Insurance

Whether you own an antique, classic, collectible or custom built car, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right insurance coverage to keep your investment safe.


Some insurance companies will require a separate policy to insure antique cars, classic cars or special interest vehicles.  However, we also offer Erie Insurance which can typically add your special vehicle on the same policy as your other vehicles. If this option is right for you, having one policy streamlines your account and billing.  

Even if you never drive your vintage car, you’ll still want to protect it from unexpected events like fire, vandalism or theft. One of our expert agents can advise you about the right coverage at the right price for your investment.

Potential discounts for antique or classic cars that are driven at very low mileage, 500 miles or less per year, are available.  There are some unique criteria for collector & classic cars:

  • Classic Autos that are at least 10 years old

  • Antique Autos that are 25 years old or older

  • Special Interest Autos that include cars that the value is maintained or appreciates as the car gets older


ATVs, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts & More

Closeup of ATV Front Light

We offer auto customers insurance coverage for many types of outdoor vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles, trail bikes, mopeds and golf carts.


ATV insurance (and other miscellaneous vehicle coverage) can help cover: 

  • Physical damage to your vehicle, including collision, vandalism and theft. 

  • Property damage liability (if another person’s property is damaged and you’re responsible for it.)

  • An accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

If appropriate for your policy, adding your off-road vehicles to your current auto policy, you get the convenience of dealing with one insurance company, having one bill and you could end up paying less overall.  One of our expert insurance Advisors can discuss any discounts for which you may qualify.

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