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Life Insurance

There is no doubt that the need to protect against the loss of a family’s main source of income is an integral part of providing surviving family members with a financially secure future. However, for many families, life insurance coverage begins and ends with the primary breadwinner.

It’s relatively easy to recognize the financial impact a family would suffer if its primary source of income was taken away. Less obvious, however, is the financial impact of the death of either parent or a child who doesn’t earn an income.

Life insurance is a sound risk management tool and appropriate for any individual whose death would cause a financial loss to a family. Although a stay-at-home spouse may not earn income, the value provided to the family is, in many ways, immeasurable. Even so, there are real costs a newly widowed parent will likely face if a spouse were suddenly gone.

For a parent, losing a child is probably the worst possible scenario imaginable. Just the thought of it can be more than some can bear. However, taking steps to prepare for the financial impact of such an event can help ease the burden if such a terrible loss were to occur.

Here are some reasons it makes sense to insure family members who aren’t the primary breadwinners:

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